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All Natural 100% Organic Spray Treatments for All Your Plants & Trees.

This is WAY Beyond ANY Fertilizers That You Have Ever Used!

Use it on Everything! Gardens, Flowers, Fruit Orchards, Shrubs, Agriculture Crops, Trees & More!

Affordable and Effective!

How It Is Applied

Our qualified teams do all the spraying. We apply just the right amount of our all natural, 100% organic quantum particle bioenergetic blend directly to your plants, trees, fruits, flowers, and shrubs via a backpack style gas sprayer & blower. This is 100% safe and healthy! No hazmat suits are ever needed with our products! Suggested: Apply once a month for the first few months then once a quarter.

How It Works

This is truly unique! Developed by a particle physicist, essentially this creative, bioenergetic water-based blend, works with all plants and their environment to open windows into the atmosphere to allow all plants and trees to more easily pull the nitrogen they need straight from the air and get it at the precise flow rate they desire. Yea I know, pretty amazing!

Where You Can Get It

We are based in California with years of experience & tons of science behind us. We are currently working in the Central Coast region of California and also in southern California, Los Angeles area. Sprayings & treatments can be scheduled by calling our phone number 805-215-9300. Interested in doing this business in your city or state? Inquire about a franchise opportunity for your county!

Our Story

Our Story

Founded and developed by engineer and particle physicist, Timothy Hollingsworth. Greengold Bioenergetics is a revolutionary agricultural enhancement that has helped the agricultural field on the Central Coast of California for many years. In the early days, Mr Hollingsworth, worked with many small farms and acreage optimizing various plant cell energizing formulas. Gradually, he hit on this dynamic Greengold BioEnergetic formula that moves the agricultural industry toward a more sustainable science using "Biosphere Energetics" based on Frank Lloyd Wrights "Broad Acre" and Peter Caddy's "Findhorn Garden Project". The results are astounding and coming to a neighborhood near you!

Our Team

Experienced and Dedicated, Our Team of Beautiful Spirits are Growing Weekly
Timothy Hollingsworth
Timothy Hollingsworth
Founder & CEO
Mathias Hesser
Mathias Hesser
National Development Manager
Laurie Guthrie
Laurie Guthrie
Business Logistics

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