100% Organic Cannabis Soil Amendment

It’s NOT Top Soil, It’s NOT Fertilizer, It’s NOT Potting Soil…

It Is 100% All Natural, All Organic, Super Blend Cannabis Soil Amendment by GreenGold BioEnergetics!

This soil amendment is unlike anything else you have ever seen in terms of results and helping your cannabis plant health quality and potency. Originally formulated for strawberries years ago, this soil amendment has been readjusted and optimized exclusively for Cannabis by Bioengineer Timothy Hollingsworth. Users of this soil amendment have experienced outstanding results from it and say they never experience any “burn” in the back of their throat from their Cannabis like they do when they tried other fertilizers and soil enhancers for their Cannabis plants.

This GreenGold Cannabis soil amendment is exclusively blended for Cannabis and is 100% all organic and all natural. It is a very healthy blend says, Timothy Hollingsworth. This Cannabis soil amendment is applied by simply sprinkling about .5 inches to 1 inch of soil amendment under the base area of each of your Cannabis plants and then just water as usual. Within a few days, you will notice a difference in the Cannabis plants color, health, and overall vitality. The benefits will continue to accumulate over weeks and even months. Additionally, this super blend soil amendment will most likely fix any problems that you may have with your existing Cannabis crop too. “When you give the plants everything that they need to grow, they naturally will handle and correct many issues on their own,” says Timothy Holingsworth.

This super blend Cannabis soil amendment is available by mailing a check or calling 805-215-9300 and placing your order for 4lb bags. Costs are $32.75 per bag + $7.25 for shipping per bag anywhere in the continental USA. Checks, and all major credit cards and PayPal payments accepted. Payments may be mailed to: Majon International, LLC, P.O. Box 880 Arroyo Grande, CA 93421